You Have Arrived!

Welcome! You Have Arrived On Another Stage On Your Journey To Fulfillment...

This week you may feel that life is giving you no choice but to be happy. You have exhausted all of your options and you have no choice but to shine.

You chose to put yourself first and not allow anyone that treated you as an option to consider you as one. People may not be happy with your current shine but you are shining anyway!

Your heart’s desire is in store for you. That fulfilling life that you have always imagined is on its way. You just have to make sure you don’t harbor any resentment in your life and understand that in life you will receive lessons. Those lessons are not there to hurt you but there to safeguard you in the future and others if you choose to share those lessons learned. These experiences taught you about the much-needed boundaries that have to be set in life and most importantly so you can remember who you are.

In these instances, we must ask ourselves what this experience or other experiences taught us. Sometimes it’s a humility lesson that was designed to keep our morals and ego in check. Sometimes it’s simply a self-explorative process of you simply learning life and yourself at the same time. So be gentle to yourself.

You should be proud of yourself you are now honoring yourself and taking the needed steps to cultivate your growth and development.

Life will throw curveballs your way but think about the many times you hit the ball out of the park. Life is all about the experience and boy are you in for an experience now that you have been guided this way.

Buckle Up and Enjoy the Ride!