Poetry Corner

Clearance Rack Blues ©️2024

By Equality The Soliloqueen Santos Shekinah Santos

I’m tired of loving and not being loved properly back

At first, I thought it was something I lacked

Then I found out what it was and what it wasn’t

After attending many meetings and even a summit

It finally was revealed to me that I was the one who had done it

By accepting the bare minimum and being ok with it

I kept making concessions until it turned into resentment.

More resentful of me than of he

Cus for him to do what he did

I had to provide access

That’s when I realized I was the author of my own mess

I was the reason why they were willing to pay less.

In time energy and respect

The bare minimum

But there I was a Loiuie Vuitton purse sitting amongst Dollar Tree merch wondering why ppl couldn’t see my worth

It was cus I was in the wrong store

I was supposed to be in the boutique

The special shop for ppl unique like me

so ppl could look and see that they couldn’t afford me

But no I was at the discount store on the clearance rack

Now with the plan of getting my self-respect back

Once reality set in I began wondering

How did I get here?

My ego began tumbling

Oh the humbling lesson I received

I somehow made a turn down Low Self-Esteem Blvd

I just had to make my life hard

and I didn’t even roll up my windows nor did I lock my doors

Oh the sights I saw

That’s when I realized I was lying on the floor in the middle of a clearance rack

Knowing I didn’t belong there a myriad of thoughts plagued my mind

Constantly wondering how I could get back to where I was supposed to be.

My self-worth was the first thing I had to see

In fact I even came up with a plan

It took focusing on something grand

I call it making yourself your biggest stan.

And knowing when to say yes sir and no ma’am.

An easy command over your life.

You just have to know when to use them right.

No one can treat you the way you don’t want to be treated

if you don’t entertain it.

So what are you entertaining?

What are you claiming?

Is this the life you choose to live?

Is having this level of pain imperative?

Self-evaluation is in order

Start giving yourself advice like you are your own son and/ or daughter

Making loving you a priority just like you make water

Is a quarter of happiness worth more than getting what you truly deserve?

Did you know you can also be served?

You aren’t only a server.

So Make sure you are also being served by those you are serving and make sure those very individuals are deserving

The right one will make you feel valued, safe, and secure

Remember the one you procure is a reflection of your worth

be careful who you let tread on your precious turf.

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