Weekly Energy

Sunday, Jan 31st – Saturday, Feb 6th 2021

This week you will see a positive change in your finances. Make sure you look over all financial documents thoroughly until March 7th you will see delays in communication. Miscommunication and technological delays. Make sure you backup all important documents and contacts. Be careful of c losing or dropping your phone. Double check all actions. New contracts should be delayed until after March 7th. Old contracts and tying of lose ends is what this transit is about. So be vigilant!

Someone from your past will be making a pop up visit in your life. You are feeling the need to revisit some past discord and may find out that things played out differently than you recall.

Keep your guard up against those that are using manipulative tactics to keep you in a state of limbo. If the person isn’t offering a solid commitment don’t waste your time if a commitment is what you truly desire.

Expect an unexpected event that will catapult your finances to the next level and ensure long term financial security. This will make you extremely happy!

Know that, if you set the much needed boundaries in your life now you are being connected to opportunities that will prove successful for you.

A love union was broken due to some deception. Rest assured if you were a victim of deception the Karma wheel will be turning in your favor. You deserve it you are worthy and you deserve the best!